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NoNevus Mole Remover Review

In my search for a mole remover I came across Nonevus, a mole removal product that said it could remove my moles in a few days. I'm going to suggest you use a Mole Remover called Wart & Mole Vanish instead.

I decided to take the leap and spent about $150 on Nonevus it and ordered it online. After 3 days I still hadn't received it so I called Nonevus and asked them to check on it.

The customer rep I got rudely told me it wasn't his problem and then I was never able to get anyone else to talk to me. I wound up receiving the product at my works about 11 days after I ordered. I used the Nonevus exactly as instructed and after two weeks I still hadn't gotten the results. I called again and once again, I got nowhere. I waited for a full 2 months for the mole to go away and it didn't.

I talked to my dad and he recommended that I try Wart & Mole Vanish, a mole removal product that he'd used several times successfully on his moles, warts and skin tags. I trusted his advice and ordered the Wart Mole Vanish product, it was about $80 cheaper than Nonevus, much to my delight.

The product came quickly and I put it on the mole the very first day. It felt really different than Nonevus, it didn't burn at all, just kind of 'tingled'. I left it on for 20 minutes and washed it off. To my shock the mole turned pitch black really fast. I called Wart Mole Vanish and the rep told me that was actually a good sign. Soon after that the mole fell completely off! I called back and spoke to the same person and he said that was supposed to happen as well, it was a full success! I would recommend Wart Mole Vanish over Nonevus to anyone looking for real mole and wart removal.

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